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2017 Will Be The Year of the Peer (Announcing New Peer Advantage Programs)


Five Reasons 2017 Will Be the Year of the Peer

(8/15/16) Expert Dojo

A focus on women’s networking and peer groups

(8/7/16) Leo Bottary Launches Expanded Peer Initiative

A look at how you can join Leo in advancing peer advantage

(6/24/16) Real Talk San Diego 1700 ESPN

An enjoyable hour with Chase Peckham and Brian Blackburn about a range of subjects related to the power of peers and what I call peer advantage.  If you’d like to listen to the interview in its entirety, please do!

(6/13/16) 5 Keys to Peer Advantage and the Value of Learning How to Learn

Leo Bottary shares how surrounding yourself with your peers who hold you accountable will make you a better leader. Learn more

(6/7/16) Leo Bottary on Critical Mass Radio Show

Listen to Leo Bottary discuss The Power of Peers in this podcast. Listen now

(5/11/16) Communication and Peer Advantage CommPro

Leo Bottary shares his ground rules for communication. Learn more

(4/12/16) Bring your people together to benefit from the synergy of the whole Investor’s Business Daily

Leo Bottary shares seven tips for how to bring a mastermind team together, including: Use resources, create a nurturing environment, employ servant leadership, take responsbility, know the game plan, seek feedback, and encourage candor. Read more

(3/20/16) Leo Bottary on the Power of Peer Advisory Groups: An interview by Bob Morris

In this interview with Bob Morris, Leo Bottary dives into the four ways that we engage with our peers: 1. Connect 2. Network 3. Optimize 4. Accelerate. Read more

(3/12/16) Texas Business Radio: Leo Bottary – The Power of Peers

Leo Bottary sits down with Vistage Chair Jay Curry and Vistage member Matt register to discuss the difference between peer influence and peer advantage. View now